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4 Important Changes I Made to Overcome Infertility – Guest Post by Glee

4 Important Changes to Overcome Infertility

I am very excited to have my beautiful friend Glee here on the blog to share her infertility story with us. She wrote this a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t had the time to post it earlier due to pregnancy complications and the arrival of our little girl. Glee is now only days away from her due date and we pray that all may go well for her and her baby. She has been an incredible support while we were going in and out of hospital during my last weeks of pregnancy. Thank you, Glee! For being such an amazing friend.

When my husband and I got married in 2010, we never thought that infertility would be an issue for us, we agreed to use contraception for the first two years of our marriage so we could travel. I took contraceptive pills for two years.

I was twenty-nine while my husband was thirty-three and a half when we decided it was time to build our family. We spent a three-week-vacation in Thailand as our second honeymoon and we even joked that our baby would be made in the country of smile. But over three years later, there was still no baby, our excitement long gone, and our hope slowly diminishing. We started entertaining the idea that we’d probably never have children.

I read plenty of articles online about the pros of being childless, sort of sweet lemon-ing, as well as blogs about infertility, and joined several communities for childless people. I was preparing myself for the possibility, albeit I so wanted to have a child.

Somewhere down the road, I met Ann and became friends with her as she volunteered to be a regular writer for my Happy Sis magazine. I followed her journey through fertility treatments and made myself her cheerleader. I wept when her first round didn’t work, and rejoiced with her when the second round worked. I admire her bravery for going through the painful, nerve-wrecking treatments. I was also inspired with their success that I started contemplating: what if?

When I discussed it to my husband, I was surprised that he too was optimistic with the idea. So we planned that in 2016, we’d have the treatment.

However, by the end of 2015 I was mostly sick. By the New Year, my husband accompanied me to my OB and we were very surprised to find out that I was already eight weeks pregnant. What was even more surprising was that Ann and I were just at about the same time; she´s only five days ahead of me. How fabulous!

Our baby came out of the blue, but in retrospect, there were important changes I did in my life that actually led to it. Continue reading 4 Important Changes I Made to Overcome Infertility – Guest Post by Glee

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Last Pregnancy Update #6 – Week 36

Pregnancy update week 36

What’s been happening these last few weeks?

Well, a lot! Let’s start from the beginning.

Week 32

We had another scan to follow up on the growth of our little girl as she seemed a bit small at 30 weeks. Although she still measured behind the norm, during those 2 weeks she also gained in size for about 2 weeks, so that was a good sign.

I may not have mentioned this before, but at 12 weeks they discovered I had an anterior placenta previa. This means that the placenta is located at my belly (mostly this happens at the back) and is covering my cervix as well. At that stage, they still had good hopes of it moving up. During this week’s scan, it showed it was still covering, so we planned a c-section for week 38.

Continue reading Last Pregnancy Update #6 – Week 36

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God Is My Strength

God Is My Strength

** First appeared in Happy Sis Magazine Issue #03 ‘Self-Confidence’ – published in August 2015 **


‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ – Philippians 4:13

Self-confidence… the absence of fear for judgement by others. Self-confidence… having faith in yourself and your abilities. Recently, God provided me with a whole new perspective on confidence.

A walk down memory lane

Kids can be horrible to one another. If they don’t like another child, they will find something to bully him or her with.

I was bullied a lot growing up – a skinny girl with no specific weird looking body features. No, kids bullied me because I was shy, quiet. You would barely see me at the centre of attention. No, I was the girl who sat in a corner, quietly observing the scenery. I guess I was an easy target. When they called me names, I kept my mouth. When they pulled my hair, I kept my mouth. When they ripped the paper from my textbooks and shredded it to pieces, I kept my mouth. They didn’t like me, simply because of my silent personality. Continue reading God Is My Strength

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Pregnancy Update #5 – Week 31

Pregnancy Update Week 31

What’s been happening this last week?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated about my pregnancy. At this stage, I am 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

During my 29th week, we had our very last antenatal class. This pretty much covered what we have to bring to the hospital, time expected to be there, information about vaccines, the prevention of SIDS, and how to take care of your baby. I felt rather happy it was the last week. At some stage, you’re just ready for the last part of your journey.

At 30 weeks, I had another meeting with my OB. He actually didn’t seem too stressed about my lower iron levels and said I didn’t have to take the iron tablets ‘too religiously’. He also mentioned my cholesterol was a bit high, but that’s all normal during this stage of the pregnancy. After checking my blood pressure, he measured my bump again. It had grown with 2 weeks, so was at 28cm. He seemed happy with it. Continue reading Pregnancy Update #5 – Week 31

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Does God Give His Toughest Battles to His Strongest Soldiers?

Does God give His strongest battles to His strongest soldiers?

A few days ago, I read the following on my Facebook newsfeed:

God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.

It made me think – is this really true?

Not that long ago, I would have said ‘Yes!’ just because I’d feel He looked at me as a strong soldier. Now, I’m wondering which Scripture supports this saying.

I haven’t been saved that long ago for me to claim I know every word in the Bible, but doesn’t Scripture state: ‘… My strength is made perfect in weakness’ (2 Corinthians 12:9). How can God’s strength be made perfect if He only recruits His strongest soldiers? By saying these words, aren’t we glorifying ourselves instead of God? Aren’t we then saying ‘I suffer a lot in life, but that’s because God sees me as strong, as good enough’ instead of ‘I am weak, yet got through my toughest times thanks to God’s strength’? Continue reading Does God Give His Toughest Battles to His Strongest Soldiers?

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Pregnancy Update #4 – Week 28

pregnancy update week 28

What’s been happening this last week?

The two main things that happened this week: our 3rd antenatal class and my meeting with the midwife yesterday.

Before the classes started, I was told by a friend not to expect too much as she didn’t learn anything from them. I have to say that I’ve learned quite a lot and find them fairly interesting. This week, one of the hospital’s lactation consultants spoke to us about breastfeeding. Although I had been reading about it in a book I bought, I still picked up some new things. For example, did you know that you can tell your baby had enough to eat when their hands are completely relaxed? When they start with the feed, babies will hold their hands in fists and the more milk they get, the more relaxed they become. If you notice the hands are still a little bit tense when taking them of the breast, she recommended changing the nappy to wake them up a little and then put them on the breast again. Interesting! Continue reading Pregnancy Update #4 – Week 28

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Pregnancy Update #3 – Week 26 and 27

Pregnancy update week 26 and 27

What’s been happening these last two weeks?

Quite a lot actually. We enjoyed a beautiful morning walk on Sunday. After a week of rain, the sun came out for the full day and it was actually quite hot again for the time of the year. Hubby took a few photos of me and my bump, and I was actually surprised to see it like that. It looked different than when taken in front of a white wall. It appeared bigger. Well… to me anyway.

Tuesday, May 3rd, we had a busy afternoon. Hubby came home early from work as we had an appointment with the obstetrician in the afternoon. Everything went well although he said something about keeping an eye out for the size of my belly. He measured it from pubic bone to the top of the uterus and it was at 24cm. It should be the same as the amount of weeks you are in, so that means it’s 2cm too small. He said he wasn’t too worried just yet, but he got me a little concerned about it now. My weight is still going up, but I noticed my waist measurement has paused as well. Hopefully, our little girl is growing the way she should. He also recommended me to come in every fortnight from now on, but the appointments will be swapped between him and his midwife. Next week, I’ll meet her and I’ll definitely be asking about my belly size. Continue reading Pregnancy Update #3 – Week 26 and 27